About me

About me

I’m Noa, 42 years old and mother of two, a tattoo artist working in Israel, where the tattoo industry went popular only in the early 90’s.

I finished my military service in 1997, I was 20 at the time and I went straight to get my first tattoo because it was forbidden in the army.
I had my own original design with me, and a mysterious and mischievous looking girl tattooed it on me.
I was completely fascinated by her. She looked so confident and powerful.
I had been drawing since early childhood but never did it cross my mind to pursue art as a career.

During my tattoo, I overheard a conversation between the shop owner and another tattoo artist who worked in the shop. They were discussing taking on an apprentice.
So they teach. 

I got the apprenticeship. It was 1997. I had to make needles, tons of needles. Clean and sterilize tubes, tips and grips. Clean. More Clean. Color flash sheets. Make stencils (there were no printers, just a xerox machine in some other shop nearby), never talk to customers.

Then my mentor presented me with pig skin and a Micky Sharpz coil machine. The skin was gross and smelly and still had hair on it, but the excitement of holding the machine and actually making lines with the needles I had made overcame everything.

A few months later my mentor said he was travelling to India for a year.
He said he was very happy with my progress as was the shop owner and offered me to replace him while he was gone!
Back then there was no internet so people would pick their designs out of flash sheets or bring in their own. Rarely would we draw them ourselves; there was no time, it was hectic. I’d do 6-10 tattoos a day.
2 years later I traveled to India myself.

I opened up a shop in Goa, the hippie haven, and with another guy who was a piercer – we worked like mad. I had no flash sheets, no xerox. Just my own designs. It was heaven. 4 years later, I came back to Israel. The tattoo industry had grown impressively but had gone sour. There was no “us” anymore (we used to be 15-20 tattoo artists in the entire country, now there were heaps), and every shop was teaching for money and badmouthing all the others. The competition was too aggressive so I curled up and worked from home.  I’d do like one tattoo a month, friends only, and not for money. Yeah I was very clean but still… it didn’t last long. I took a major turn and started working in the local (insanely talented) film industry as a set designer and it took me nearly 10 years to realize I still want to tattoo. I just can’t let it go.

This is around 2013. Now I had internet, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, websites, webinars, tutorials, forums! it was like a whole new world. And the equipment… OMG those ready made needles, those rotary machines, the endless colors and what the big artists were doing with them! and you could order all of it online! an absolute Renaissance for the industry, just in time for mine.

So it’s 2020 now, I still feel like an apprentice, but I have a different perspective now. I have my own studio and I pick my clients carefully. I’ve created this website to find people who are on their way to becoming an amazing tattoo artist, are always hungry to learn more, and are willing to share their winding road. LET’S GET BETTER TOGETHER.

I’m looking forward to get to know you! come say hi in the comments, join our exclusive apprentice community on Facebook and follow me on Instagram @inkycaptattoos

Love & Ink,


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey, Noa that is a wonderful and inspiring story of yourself. You know when you have a passion for something and it’s in your spirit and soul it will never die. it seems like being a tattoo artist was what you were born to do. You had the opportunity to be an apprentice and apparently learn from the best.

    Some people will live their whole life through and never have the opportunity to live their dreams or discover their passion. You have and that is a blessing.

    It is like getting up in the morning and going to work only you are doing something that you love and that is the icing on the cake.

    If you ever come to the states please let me know I would love to come and get inked by you.

  2. Noa,

    This is one of the most authentic about me pages I’ve ever read. I’m in your network at WA, but I’m amazed at what you’re doing and would love to connect with you on your blog. I haven’t even shared what I’m doing with WA yet, so you’re the first…

    Do you know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see YouTube videos of you doing tattoos. If you can find the time to edit those and post them there and here, I think it’d be awesome. Plus, it’d probably your site more quickly.

    Keep this up. You’re on to something special.

      1. Hello, this page is really really helpful with a lot of useful information I was wondering am I able to post some of my work on here for some advice to build on my portfolio and my art work?

        1. Hi Tyler, sorry for replying SO late. We are currently renovating the website so we’ve opened a facebook group for our community where you def can upload your art and get some pointers and tips to improve. the group is called THE TATTOO APPRENTICE CLUB. come on board!!

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