For Inspiration


What should I draw? 

You probably know that intimidating shadow of a pencil over your blank paper… if you’re like me you suddenly remember the laundry and the dishes and other mundane stuff you can do without too much mind-effort. We want to turn drawing into one of those daily, effortless actions:)

This is where I take the liberty to stimulate your creativity and push you to get better with art and artists that inspire me that will hopefully give you creative drawing ideas.
Feel free to send me what inspires you to and I’ll post it with your name and caption as long as you give credit to the artist and the source.
This way we’ll have our little “anti-procrastination” gallery and drawing ideas generator, which will hopefully make us get off our butts, explore and practice. Each post will be followed by a little task just for practice which you are welcome to post on our private Facebook Group and get feedback.

See you soon




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