Silly Little Thing

drawing challenge#1

In my last post​ I described the importance of the REFERENCE, so I thought of a little challenge in order to practice looking at something as a reference when we draw,​ and (at least try to) do it daily.

Silly Little Thing – Anti-Procrastination challenge #1  

Look at small objects around you. Choose one and take a good look at its position on the plane it rests.

The angle from which you are looking at it – is it higher or lower than your eyes?
Which sides of it are you seeing and which is hidden?
Which side of it is closer to you?

Where is the main light source coming from?
Where is the brightest spot of light on the object?
Where are the darkest shadows?
Are the shadow edges crisp or blurred?
What shapes are the shadows forming?

What is the object made of?
Is it smooth or textured?
Is it opaque or transparent? metallic? sandy? hairy..?
Notice how the light falls on its surface and defines what it would feel like touching it.

​These are just some things to mind when you look at your reference object, so… pick a silly little thing 🙂

using a reference







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