So you want to become a professional tattoo artist…

welcome to the Tattoo Apprentice Club

This website was created to help those who aspire to become tattoo artists and are in different phases of their training.

Safe & Supportive

This is a safe environment to ask about anything tattoo related. The point is helping each other improve and make a community for the next generation of world famous tattoo artists!

What’s in it?

You will find here my thoughts, tattoo stories and struggles. You’re welcome to share yours too in the comments.

You’ll also get immediate access to a closed Facebook Group where you can interact with other apprentices, share tips and show off your work for feedback.

There is an art gallery for inspiration with occasional drawing challenges, and a product review section for tattoo equipment, supplies, education and services.

You are not alone…

  • If you are still deliberating if indeed this is your thing and want to talk and consult
  • if you’ve made up your mind but have no clue where to start, what to buy, where to ask 
  • if you are already apprenticing under a licensed artist or self-taught but need further support or a safe place to ask questions and get feedback on your progress
  • If you live in a country where tattooing is not licensed or regulated at all –

Which one are you? Come say hi in the comments below:)

Love & Ink.



4 thoughts on “So you want to become a professional tattoo artist…

  1. This is a very awesome website. I love the idea of a space where aspiring artists can link up with other aspiring artists. It is also really cool that you have included information about businesses that are looking for apprentices. That takes it to a really important level of actually becoming a tattoo artist and not just talking and learning about it!

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